Marion Romberg

KunstHISTORIKERIN – von der Dorfkirche zu Bildern der Kaiserinnen in der Frühen Neuzeit: Bildquellen als historische Quellen

Did Europe exist in the Parish before 1800?

Am 18.10.2018 hielt ich auf Einladung von Dr. Robyn Dora Radway von der CEU in Budapest im Rahmen ihrer Masterklasse „Recent Trends in Habsburg Historiography“ einen Gastvortrag zum Thema „Did Europe exist in the Parish before 1800?“. Der Kurs ist Teil des Studiengangs Master of Arts in Comparative History & Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative History Class der Central European University..

After the Council of Trent in 1563 and its decree on art, the idea of a „teologia del visible“, a visible church, was promoted. The result was a process, which touched all areas of everyday life and changed the identity and mentality of an entire continent. Part of this process was also a new pictorial language: the allegories of the four continents. The iconography dates back to the 16th and early 17th century, at a time when the European people were confronted with the foreignness of New Worlds in the scope of their discovery and conquest. At first used almost exclusively as an element of manorial decoration programs, it started to flourish in the 18th century. This involved a remarkable vertical transfer as the allegories of the four continents expanded from manors and palaces to parish churches. Especially in the folk culture of Southern Germany, where the denominational controversies created a denominational specific culture, the iconography of the four continents had a great impact in establishing a common discourse about the hierarchy and role of the Catholic Church and its denominational counterparts as well defining the relation among the four sisters and Europe’s hegemony. By referring to Peter Burke’s question about the social history of the consciousness of Europe in my talk I would like to raise the question how the iconography connects to and becomes a disseminator of discourses on identity in folk culture. 

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